When is the closing date?
30th June,2014

How Do I Apply?
1. Film one of your pieces.
2. Fill in the online application form.
3. Pay $20 application fee.

Is there a time limit?

We will accept one full piece regardless of it’s duration.    Most entries are between 2 and 6.5 minutes.

Does my composition entry need to be recorded on real instruments?
No. A Sibelius, Finale or similar computer file will be accepted.

Do I have to provide my own accompanist?
Yes, all performers needing an accompanist will need to bring their own.

Do I need to bring my own drum kit?
No. A drum kit will be provided.

Do I need to bring my own marimba?
No. There will be a 5 octave concert marimba on stage.

Will there be two pianos on stage for piano concertos?
Yes. The venue will provide two concert grand pianos.

Can I apply on more than one instrument?
Yes, but each instrument requires a separate application and $20 application fee.

Is a student able to present two short pieces of repertoire as one performance?
This is possible, provided the repertoire is related. For example, you may combine two movements from a work, or two songs from the same song cycle. The usual topic representation and timing requirements still apply.